ExpertOption Demo account

Each user, before proceeding with real trading operations, should first get the understanding of how they should occur, what features are the most essential. For this purpose, the ExpertOption platform offers the demo account activation right after the registration. With its help, the exploration of trading basics becomes much more illustrative and easier to remember.

Demo account online

ExpertOption - Demo account online

The only thing the user has to do – is to activate the account through registration or login, in order to be able to use demo mode. It will show all the tools and statistics in the same way as the original does, allowing to see the realistic outcome of the situation. As for the differences, the only detail is that the person gets to use in-platform funds which cannot be withdrawn on the bank account.

iOS demo account

ExpertOption - iOS demo account

With the iOS demo version, the user gets to experience how the trading really goes without using real funds for it. If there is a necessity, the platform offers its educational materials which would be rather useful for the novice traders. They explain the essentials of how trading operations should be selected or concluded, which strategies work the best for particular kinds of situation and even more.

Android demo account

ExpertOption - Android demo account

The mechanism of demo account is useful not only for inexperienced traders, but also for veterans of the industry. In such way, it is possible to experiment with the new assets or tools, find any strategies that would be applicable to specific situations and more. Moreover, both the progresses in real and demo environment can be tracked trough the “Trade history” tab to refer to the previous outcomes and make corresponding conclusions.

Difference between demo and real accounts

ExpertOption - Difference between demo and real accounts

To make the simulation as effective as possible, the demo version takes real data statistics and existing assets as a base, allowing to experiment with them using the virtual funding. All the ExpertOption tools are also the same as in real account, which greatly helps in studying them and finding out their effectiveness. As a result, the only significant difference is the fund origin and the ability to get the results of successful operations to the bank cards.

Close demo account

ExpertOption - Close demo account

In order to conclude the activities on demo account, it is enough to switch the tab to real trading. Even with this, the user can get back to demonstrative profile at any moment, or see how the long-term investments go on. From time to time, every trader faces the situation when the training version would be necessary again to make the final decision about certain asset or strategy.

Switch between demo and real accounts

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From the top menu, the person can easily switch between real and demo versions of the profile at any moment of the time. For this, it is necessary to look at the section on the left to “Deposit” button, click on the arrow facing down and pick the demonstrative account from the list. It will also show the up-to-date account balance which may help in understanding what the current investment progress is or what available investment options there will be.

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