Even the user who has no experience in trading can use the whole range of ExpertOption features shortly after using its educative materials. There are official tutorial projects which offer the information in thematic articles, videos and even enabled tools. Combined with the demo account environment, the person can get the qualified experience in the shortest time possible.

How to start earning?

ExpertOption - How to start earning?

From the side menu on the platform, the trader can see the “Education” tab which collects all kinds of useful information, from which it is possible to choose several kinds of such. Out of the options, it is possible to attend thematic articles, available complex webinars and thematic tutorials that combine different means of education into one. For the beginner, it is recommended to visit the “Tutorials” section first, proceeding with other categories later due to advanced information introduced there.

Trading strategies

ExpertOption - Trading strategies

To learn more on the corresponding topic, it is highly recommended to attend the “Articles” section, which collects the useful explanations and theories related to investment planning. By clicking on the “Details” button, the website will demonstrate all the available collection of materials. It is up to the trader whether to read them all or select only the most interesting ones for further reference.

For being able to test out how exactly all of the strategies work, the user can combine the theory with applying it to demo account trading. In such way, the real funds will be able to stay away from any risks or inconveniences, allowing to safely work on achieving new skills and experiences, defining the most beneficial models for investing.

ExpertOption Indicators

ExpertOption Indicators

The statistics feature allows to set up the indicators to anybody’s preference – some of them are only considered as basics, while others serve as a helpful investment assistant. By clicking on the “Indicators” icon, which is second in row on the dashboard panel, the person can see currently active and available notions. With the help of platform tutorials, it will be possible to figure out the functions for each section and pick the most useful out of them.

ExpertOption Signals

ExpertOption Signals

In case the trader feels lost about which investment should be next, or whether it is necessary to reconsider some of them, it is possible to use the “Trends” tab from the right-side menu. It displays the most recent decisions made for different assets by the majority of active traders at the moment. The user can choose such time frames, as one minute, two or five minutes, depending on the personal preference.

ExpertOption Social Trading

ExpertOption Social Trading

With the help of “Social trading” feature, the person can see what decisions about trading were made by the acquainted accounts. All of them are collected at the dashboard statistics, showing the exact moment of the deal completion and amount of profit or loss from it. By tracking such tendencies, it is possible to figure out the personal vision of the situation and how it can be used at the moment given.


ExpertOption - Articles

There are many useful articles collected by the platform which can be used by traders of different levels. From the sections like “Glossary” or sections dedicated to analysis, the trader can build the general understanding of how the trading works in general. For more advanced users, the helpful material will be placed in more complex categories, like overviews of “Trading psychology” or “Trading strategies”.

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