ExpertOption Login

When the trader becomes a regular at ExpertOption platform, it will be necessary to use the login feature again and again on a constant basis. With the strong yet memorable password and regularly used e-mail, there will be no issues during the sign-in process. In cases when the access recovery is required, the user can quickly complete the password reset procedure.

Log in account

ExpertOption Log in

Once the user opens the starting page, it is easy to spot on it the “Login” button which stands out on the dark blue background, in the top right section. After activating it, the person sees the pop-up window which contains the short sign-in form with some additional features.

ExpertOption login form

As a classical option, there will be the request to fill in the e-mail and password, or, as an alternative, the trader just has to select one of the social networks the account is associated with. Just a couple of seconds for confirming the data, and the trader gets redirected to the dashboard with recent updates. If necessary, it will be possible to manage the links at any moment from the profile menu, attaching other social services or dismissing them completely.

Log in to account in the app

ExpertOption - Log in to account in the app

Both the applications for Android and iOS have the same sign-in procedure, which follows one of the basic scenarios. Either the person logs in with the basic profile, or the social network accounts get involved, retrieving the linked information related to the platform. When the information finds its match on the server, it loads the set-up dashboard settings, allowing to continue with the previous plans.

Forgot password

ExpertOption - Forgot password

In some of the unexpected circumstances, like password loss or similar issues which do no let to enter the account, the trader can request for access reset. For it, the user has to initiate the pop-up window opening with “Forgot password?” name, and enter in it the attached e-mail which was used for registering the account. If the database defines the address as existing, then it sends the reset letter to it, allowing to proceed with the reset feature. After activating the link, the user will get to enter new password combination twice to confirm the changes and sign in again with new code.

Demo account

ExpertOption - Demo account

With the first login, the user gets to see the available tools and features of ExpertOption and even try them without having to invest first. The platform issues the $10,000 of demo funds which can be used for creating trial deals and experiment with new combinations or assets. Only if the person is sure about proceeding to the real trades, it is the right moment to open the real account on the platform.

Real account

ExpertOption - real account

To switch between the real and demo profiles, the trader has to click on the arrow sign in the top menu to see the expandable options. Both of them show the actual balance which also allows to passively track the deal progress and outcomes. To be able to manage the real trading operations, profit from the deals with withdrawal opportunity, the person should be sure to select the correct option beforehand.

Deposit money

ExpertOption - deposit money

Once the real account becomes active, the user gets an offer about making the first deposit, claiming with it the welcome bonus. Such offers will be available at other times, too, but the initial gift is one of the most valuable ones, so it should not be missed carelessly. Lately, the bonus money obtained can be used for the platform deals, allowing to withdraw only the profit made out of additional funds.


ExpertOption - Verification

Each of the registered users, especially if planning to make the trades the main profit income, should complete the verification which also includes the document sending. This procedure is necessary for the money-laundering prevention, or any unauthorized market manipulations that are illegal both by international law and in-platform policy. Any kind of verification omission requests or forging the submitted data lead to various penalties, up to permanent banishment of the account.

Withdraw money

ExpertOption - Withdraw money

For money withdrawals, the trader creates official request, stating there the payment system preferred, exact address or card number and withdrawal amount. It should be noted that the actual balance and funds available for transaction may differ, primarily because of the bonuses accounted. Only the verified users are allowed to withdraw funds, receiving the approval in the nearest time possible.

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