ExpertOption iOS App

For the Apple devices, the application should be either released in a native catalog, or else it should dismiss this concept at all. Luckily for ExpertOption users, the platform has officially released the software in the App Store service for free use. After less than a minute, it is already possible to start working with the app and exploring its features.

Download iOS app

ExpertOption - Download iOS app

The person can either start searching for the application right from the App Store or use the direct link from the official website. By clicking on “Download on the App Store”, the user will get immediately taken to the right download page, after which it is only enough to confirm the installation. With its high compatibility and light weight, the process of preparing the app should not take more than a minute or two even with slowed down connection.

Register an account in the iOS app

ExpertOption - Register an account in the iOS app

While completing the registration on ExpertOption platform, the user only has to introduce two main pieces of information – the actively used e-mail address and password which will be used for data protection. It is essential to come up with the code which does not get picked easily, corresponding to the main rules of password length, use of upper and lower cases, and additional symbols. When everything is ready and thoroughly checked for any mistakes, and the Terms and Condition documentation has been checked, then it is the time to submit the form for account creation.

Log in to account in the iOS app

ExpertOption - Log in to account in the iOS app

For the login procedure, the trader has to introduce the same information as it was necessary during the sign-up step. Just the e-mail and password are enough to be recognized by the system and start the redirect to the synchronized dashboard. If the account was previously linked to the social network account, it can be used for instant sign-in, especially if the Apple ID option was selected for this.

Password recovery

ExpertOption - Forgot password

In case of any kind of emergency, like lost of forgotten password, the user has a chance for in-app restoration of the access by clicking on “Forgot password?” button. It then activates the pop-up window, in which it is required to enter the attached e-mail and confirm it. If the system recognizes there is the account registered for this address, then it sends the restoration link to the inbox, allowing with its assistance to create another password.

Demo account

ExpertOption - Demo account

After the registration, or by trader’s choice later, the dashboard shows the features to experiment with and virtual funding that can be spent on its exploration. This is especially helpful for novice users who have decided to start their trading career from ExpertOption service. Such training field will become a great use for both the beginners who need to become acquainted with all the tools and more experienced traders who would like to have an experiment with some assets or tactics.

Real account

ExpertOption - Real account

Later, when the person is confident enough, it will be possible to switch to the real account through the top menu. It will allow to conclude the real deals, manage actual funds, including there deposits and withdrawals. After the real account is activated, the user will be given a limited welcome offer which doubles the deposit, which will be available for the next hour since pop-up appearance.

Deposit money

ExpertOption - Deposit money

The fund depositing can be completed right at the moment when the real account is created, and the corresponding pop-up banner is shown, or later, with the help of “Deposit” button at the screen top. It will redirect the trader to another menu, where the person has to choose the preferred payment system, amount for top-up and, with another loading, fill in the card or e-wallet information. With the security encryptions and verified transactions, the payment is completed safely with rare chances of delays.

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