ExpertOption Registration

Anyone who is eligible for managing the trading operations, at a certain point of time, should complete the registration on the ExpertOption platform. To complete the sign-up, the user just has to introduce some basic information and confirm the communication method later. Every ExpertOption user gets a chance to manage the free and real versions of trading accounts.

Account registration

ExpertOption - Account registration

To begin the acquaintance with the ExpertOption services, the user may first access the demonstrative version which serves as the great illustrative image. For this, it is necessary to enter the starting page and select there “Try free demo” button which creates the temporary demo account as a trial product.

ExpertOption - Open Real account

All of the illustrated features are free to use, allowing to set up the statistics, watch the dynamics for different assets and even take part in trades with the help of virtual funds. Once the user has decided the time for creating the account has come, it will only be necessary to click on the button “Open new account”, accentuated by bright green color. With this, the registration form should open in the overlay pop-up window.

ExpertOption - New account

For the user’s convenience, there are such options, as regular account, including e-mail and password, Facebook, Google, and Apple ID linking. Depending on the personal view, the person can either opt for safer, non-linked method, or select convenience, attaching the future account to one of the social services. Later, the account settings allow to manage the social links, either adding new accounts to ExpertOption or detaching all of them at once.

Create an account in the app

Create an account in the app

From the official application, the user also gets the chance to pass the quick sign-up process with the help of e-mail address and password. By filling in the fields and agreeing to general Terms and Conditions, the platform accepts the request and sends to e-mail the confirmation link which would verify this as a primary communication method. With social account registration, the confirmation should be sent to the address mentioned in the profile.

Demo account

ExpertOption - Demo account

Each user who starts using the demo version of the service gets $10,000 or its equivalent after currency conversion. The funds are available only within the platform, allowing to provide trial deals, but not receive any real profit with it. Combined with the officially introduced educational materials, the demonstrative account turns into the highly realistic training ground for developing the real skills of trading.

Real account

ExpertOption - real account

Within the real account, the person gets to manage the incoming and outcoming deals while using the actual funding. The proper education received in advance guarantees much higher chances of successful deal conclusion, which is also provided optionally by ExpertOption service. If there is a wish to practice another strategy or try new asset, the trader can switch back to demo version and create the long-term trial deal.

Deposit money

ExpertOption - deposit money

After officially claiming the real account, the platform will offer to deposit the funds, providing additional bonus for making it in the first hour since opening. In the menu, there will be seen the selectable payment gateways, offered templates of payment sums and the separate field for personal deposit offer. In addition, each option provides the follow-up in-platform bonus which gradually increases exponentially to the offered replenishment amount.


ExpertOption - Verification

To be able to operate the funds freely, the user should agree to provide the personal information, following the principles of anti money-laundering and KYC policy. The administration takes several days to check the legitimacy of provided information and documents attached as a proof. Once the fraudulence attempt is discovered, the possible outcomes vary from verification decline to complete banishment of the user.

Support & Help

ExpertOption - Support & Help

Every time the user feels a need in help, the person should ask for the customer support assistance with the help of live chat feature. If the issue is common, then the person should visit the Help center first, finding the corresponding article for solving the issue on one’s own. In cases when the platform is unavailable, there are also alternative communication means, like e-mail, social accounts and more.

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