ExpertOption Referral program

By interacting with other traders, inviting them to ExpertOption system, the users get to receive the rewards through the referral program. By using the tagged link or promocode, both sides can claim the account bonuses which work once or throughout the whole activity period. To learn more about the referral terms and conditions, it would be helpful to use the corresponding website articles.

How to start?

ExpertOption - Referral program

From the account menu, the user gets to learn about existing program for referrals and the individual reward system. To activate the participation in the referral campaign, the user has to see the corresponding starting message, selecting in it the “sharing” sign which would generate the individual link for spreading. From the “how it works” button, the person is able to study the tutorial and general principles of referral linking operation.

ExpertOption - Referral link

There are two ways of sharing the referral status from the account, where the newcomer selects the method of joining to the personal liking. The first option is the QR-code which should be scanned for the redirection to ExpertOption website for signing up. Meanwhile, the second way features the promocode that in mentioned during the sign-up steps to link the account to the referred user. If the process was activated successfully, both traders receive the corresponding message about it and offers to use the bonuses attached immediately.

Referrals comission

ExpertOption - Referrals comission

When the referral campaign is active, the host receives the permanent bonus which equivalents 50% of the commission from every operation within the platform. As for the invited user, there is an opportunity to claim the additional 120% for the future deposit. The promotion details may change after a certain period of time, which corresponds the statements in the currently active Bonus Terms and Conditions.

Referral program terms

ExpertOption - Referral program terms

Before activating the referral link, the user should study carefully the corresponding Terms and Conditions which would contain the updated regulations about such aspect of ExpertOption. With clicking on “Continue”, the platform considers it as regular consent on a long-term basis. Only after this procedure the person is allowed to copy and share the personified links for future referrals.

Referral program FAQ

ExpertOption - Referral program FAQ

From the corresponding section of the Help center, the trader can receive the most required answers when getting started with the referral promotion. In fact, the most popular requests are related to estimated profit amount and timing, allowing to figure out when and why the host should start receiving the percentage from invited users. Once there are any issues related to referral payment distribution, the person should get consultation with the customer support team.

Referral program tips

ExpertOption - Referral program tips

To provide the trader with the best options for placing the referral links, the platform offers its tips with simple and effective ways of promoting it. This includes the social platform post distribution, sending the links to friends or mutual subscribers, or showing the QR-code within the live shows or content created. With the modern opportunities of algorithm, promotion through various means of information sharing should, the link has the considerable chances of reaching the right audience.

Referral program profit

ExpertOption - Referral program profit

On the separate page, the person can track the progress of referral accumulations, which are divided into available sum and total income, with excluded taxes. Once the time has come, the user can just click on “Transfer to my balance” to start using the profit for other trading deals. The more friend have joined, the bigger sums are used for deposit, the quicker the funds accumulate again.

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