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Once the person is not able to deal with the problem without assistance, the next step includes consulting the customer support department. There are many options on how the ExpertOption user can reach out the support team in and outside of the platform. Some of the methods include the basic communication means, while others may seem innovative for some traders.

How to Contact by Email?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Email

If the platform of ExpertOption is unavailable for some reason, the most popular way of contacting the staff is e-mail address. Such option is also useful for the cases when a user has to attach any additional materials which help to determine the root of the problem. It is easily spotted from the bottom left corner, and just as memorable to quickly being reminded of.

How to Contact by Chat?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Chat

Within the platform, the most convenient option – is to activate the live chat feature which automatically connects the person to the manager for finding solution. For finding the pop-up window, the user should either open the corresponding section from the side menu or look for the “Live chat” button above. The service is available at any moment, establishing communication with the relevant regional department.

How to Contact by Phone Number?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Phone Number

If the phone communication charges are not an issue, the trader can use mobile phone numbers for explaining the situation to administration. There are two options which allow the free communication within UK and India regions, for other areas the calls receive additional tariffs. To find them, the user has to access the Help section and scroll it until finding the corresponding numbers labeled by flags.

How to Contact by Mailing Address?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Mailing Address

Some of the rare occasions imply the need to send the letter to the physical address instead of virtual. For such purposes, the person can use the listed location of the head office for ExpertOption, located in Cyprus. Usually, the information is required to some of the serious business deals and partnership agreements.

How to Contact by Facebook?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Facebook

The center of social community outside of ExpertOption website is Facebook social page, where there are subscribed more than half of a million of users. It is both used as a notification center which notifies about important trading news and method of contacting the support outside of the platform. To send a message, it is enough to select the “Message” button and start forming the issue description, attaching the evidences if necessary.

How to Contact by Twitter?

ExpertOption - How to Contact by Twitter

Another social platform which has the official ExpertOption account is Twitter, where the person can find the contact information after entering the service name. Although it is less popular, there are still regular updates about trading news and platform updates, which have the massive tendency. If the user wants to write a message, the “Follow” feature should be activated first, only then allowing to message the account managers.

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